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Men and women with any skin type and hair color can receive permanent laser hair removal treatments at any one of our GTA locations. We have 4 Canada MedLaser Clinics available in Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga and Newmarket to meet all your permanent laser hair removal needs. All 4 of our clinics offer the highest technology, medical care and the most experienced technicians in Canada to meet all of your permanent laser hair removal needs. We offer outstanding “results guaranteed” packages allowing patients to receive an unlimited amount of treatments over a 12 month period resulting in permanent completely hair-free areas.


Laser hair removal is the best way to remove unwanted body hair permanently. Laser hair removal treatments are available at any one of our Canada MedLaser Clinics for both men and women regardless of skin colors and hair types. At our Canada MedLaser Laser Clinics laser hair removal treatments offer permanent results guaranteed. Our highly professional and experienced staff includes doctors, nurses, and all our technicians are certified aestheticians. Canada MedLaser Clinics are unique in our ability to offer customized laser hair removal treatment plans to meet each patient’s individual needs. We are able to offer this type of service using our Gold Standard technology. This type of innovative technology together with our level of medical and laser therapy expertise makes our clinics the best choice for laser hair removal treatments.

Unlimited Laser Hair Removal Treatments


Our Canada MedLaser Clinics are the only laser hair removal clinics that offer laser hair removal results guarantees. Our laser hair removal treatments are safe for our patients and can be performed on virtually any skin type and hair color.  We offer laser hair removal treatments for absolutely everyone. Together with our Gold Standard technology and highly experienced and medical staff, we can customize treatments to suit anyone’s skin type. Typically our patients only require approximately 4-8 treatments. However, it is important to remember that for optimum results the best time for laser hair removal treatments is when your skin is fair. All sunbathing, tanning beds and tanning lotions must be stopped during treatment. Your skin must show contrast which allows it to be visible to the laser.


We meet or exceed the most stringent Health Canada regulations standards, and professional medical expertise available. At our clinics every patient is treated on an individual basis with advanced technology and patient customization resulting in the best possible outcome.  We use the latest innovative advanced technology, allowing patients to experience customized laser hair removal treatments by utilizing the appropriate intensities, wavelengths, shapes and duration of the laser light pulse. Our gold standard technology allows us to offer our patients with laser hair removal guarantees.


All of our Canada MedLaser Clinics offer treatments utilizing Candela GentleMax Pro technology. The Candela GentleMax Pro is a very powerful, but safe machine that allows our highly experienced and aesthetic certified technicians to provide pain-free, safe and effective laser hair removal treatments to our patients. A cryogen spray called CDC is sprayed on the treatment area just before the laser begins to pulse. This cryogen spray gently numbs the treatment area offering a comfortable laser hair removal treatment. This powerful process of laser hair removal is a key factor in allowing us to offer our patients permanent laser hair removal results guarantees.


Laser hair removal treatments via the Candela GentleMax Pro offer a very quick permanent laser hair removal process. This powerful machine pulses twice per second allowing us to provide laser hair removal treatments very quickly, faster than any other laser hair removal treatment system. The Candela GentleMax Pro offers many benefits to our patients having laser hair removal treatments. These benefits include non-invasive pain-free treatments, safe for the use on all skin types, absolutely no downtime, safe and effective, fast treatments and permanent laser hair removal results, guaranteed.

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The number of treatments required to achieve permanent laser hair removal varies depending on the patient, skin type and the growth cycle of hair. Different areas of hair on your body grow at different cycles, therefore most patients require multiple treatments. We offer “results guaranteed” packages allowing patients to have unlimited laser removal treatments over a 12 month period to  ensure you obtain the optimum permanent laser hair removal results you are looking for. We are the only laser hair removal clinic that offers this type of results guarantee.


There are minimal temporary side effects that may be experienced after laser hair removal treatments. These temporary side effects include some redness and swelling, which is a positive response to laser hair removal treatments.  Most patients can resume regular activities immediately following laser hair removal treatments. Patients should apply sunscreen to treated areas when going outdoors following treatment. Our staff may also recommend  specially formulated skincare products that can be used. These products will protect the treated areas. All of our patients have their own personal medical file where each treatment is documented and tracked by our certified aesthetician technicians. Our patients can feel comfortable during their laser hair removal treatments knowing there is medical supervision. Our treatment rooms are very comfortable and relaxing. What better way to pamper yourself.

You can now enjoy affordable permanent hair removal backed with a 100% guarantee. Don’t wait any longer book your appointment now.

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