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How to Maximize Results from Laser Hair Removal

Results from Laser Hair Removal for men

Shaving and waxing isn’t just annoying, it’s a total waste of time and unnecessary. There are much better options available that are cheaper in the long run and prove to be more successful. Once you made the decision to forego the razor and hot wax, laser is a great choice.

Get better and faster results with these tips:

  1. Do not wax or pluck before your treatments, as this will remove the pigment the laser needs to target.

  2. No tanning prior to and six weeks following laser hair removal treatments, because this could lead to blotchy, uneven-looking skin.

  3. On the day of your treatment, shave or trim as close to the surface of the skin as possible, to ensure the energy from the laser is concentrated in the smallest length of hair as possible.

  4. Laser hair removal works best on darker hair as they contain the highest concentration of brown melanin.

  5. Be consistent with your treatment schedule by ensuring that you come in every four to eight weeks for the best results.

At Canada MedLaser, we use a variety of wavelengths, intensities, shapes and durations of the light pulse in order to achieve the best results. What this means is all sessions are customized according to the area being treated, skin type and hair colour. Advanced technology also allows for maximum comfort and safety.

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