How to Find the Best Laser Hair Removal for You

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Humans have been fighting the battle against unwanted body hair for thousands of years. That’s why laser hair removal is relevant today. Did you know that women used to shave off all their hair? They even used to shave the hair on their scalp and eyebrows! Luckily, these days we can take our pick of dozens of professional ways to remove unwanted body hair. 

One of them is laser hair removal. With this treatment option, you can get rid of hair on a more permanent basis. Also, it comes with fewer side effects. However, when done poorly, the results of laser hair removal can be painful and unsatisfactory. That’s why it’s important to pick the best laser hair removal service provider near you. 

We’re going to discuss a few factors to look out for when choosing the right laser hair removal provider for you. But first, we’ll start simple with a quick revision of what laser hair removal is. Then we’ll move on to finding the best laser hair removal clinic for your needs and then round off with some extra information you may need on your journey to hairless skin. 

What is Laser Hair Removal?

The term “laser hair removal” is pretty self-explanatory once you realize that lasers are now relevant in the world of cosmetic treatments. Lasers can now be used to remove and heal all sorts of beauty-related issues. They’re a great tool for cosmetic procedures carried out on the skin, teeth and hair. 

A laser hair removal treatment is a form of semi-permanent or long-lasting hair removal method. During these treatments, lasers which are concentrated beams of light damage hair follicles beneath the skin. This helps to stop or slow hair growth in that area. We’ll discuss the principle behind laser hair removal treatments in the next section.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The effectiveness of your treatment depends on your hair, your skin, and whether you’ve found the best laser hair removal clinic for you. If your treatment goes well, laser hair removal is effective for at least slowing hair growth.

The medical aesthetician who handles your laser treatment session will probably use a handheld laser machine. This machine will be pressed against the area with unwanted hair. When the laser is switched on, the light will bypass the skin and be absorbed by the hair’s melanin. 

The more melanin and thickness the hair has, the more light will be absorbed. This light energy destroys hair follicles thereby inhibiting the effective growth of hair. 

However, not everyone experiences beautiful, hairless skin after a visit to a laser hair removal treatment spa. Achieving the most optimal results from this procedure depends on the following:

Hair Growth Stages

Human hair is in a constant cycle of growth and decay. This cycle has three stages:

  • The Anagen stage, which is the initial or new growth stage. The hair is actively growing and getting longer here.
  • The Catagen stage, where growth stagnates and the hair follicle begins to die.
  • And Telogen stage, where the hair follicle is dead and the attached strand, can easily fall out at any time.

Laser hair removal treatment is a lot more effective when the hair is in the anagen stage.  That’s because, at that stage, the hair follicle is still alive and whole. This is when the damage is more effective. 

Also, this is why laser hair removal treatments are broken down into sessions. You see, only a small percentage of body hair is in the anagen stage at any given time. Therefore, multiple treatments are required to damage the hair follicle enough that it won’t create new hair any time soon.

Hair Colour

The best laser hair removal results are usually observed in people with light skin and dark hair. This is because the light is more attracted to hair with more melanin. This helps it destroy hair follicles more effectively. But that is not to say that people with lighter hair or darker skin can’t have great laser hair removal results. 

Sure, laser hair removal machines didn’t work on blonde or light brown hair when the technology was first created. But, they do in 2020. The best laser hair removal clinic for you will take note of your hair type – fine, medium or thick – and colour before treating accordingly.

Skin Colour

These days, everybody can undergo laser hair removal regardless of their skin colour. However, it is more effective in people with lighter skin. This is because they have little melanin in their skin. This allows the laser to pass through without risk of burns.

Because the laser energy is attracted to melanin, it is possible for it to bond with melanin in the skin. Basically, it can’t tell when the melanin is from the hair follicle or skin. 

This is why it’s even more essential to find a laser hair removal clinic with experts. If you have darker skin, you’ll probably prefer working with someone who has experience doing procedures on similar skin tones. This way, you’ll still be able to get the laser hair removal results you want.

Okay, that takes care of what hair removal is, how it works, and what results to expect. Now let’s move on to the main bit — choosing the best laser hair removal spa in Toronto. 

How to Choose the Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic

It can be tempting to pick a random laser hair removal clinic near you, especially with the tantalizing possibility of a permanent reduction of body hair. However, taking the time to pick the best laser hair removal provider for you is worth it, especially for people with lighter hair or darker skin. 

There are several steps you need to take to find the right provider for your hair removal treatments. 

Step #1: Research

Research is the lifeblood of any investigation. And as this particular investigation centers around your well-being, you should take it seriously. When researching for this procedure, you should focus on finding as many laser hair removal providers as possible. 

For example, an online search of the phrase“best laser removal clinic in Toronto” isn’t a bad idea. You should also do some research on what kind of companies offer laser hair removal services near you. Are they a facility wholly dedicated to providing laser hair removal results?

You want to pick a beauty care provider that has considerable experience. If they can provide before and after pictures of past laser hair removal treatments, then all the better.

Narrow your search down to a few promising treatment centres. It’d be great if they’re close to you and can be easily accessed from your home or office, but that’s not a huge priority. If they offer excellent services, it will be worth it to take time off to get quality work done. If you have your candidates down, we’ll move on to the next stage.

Step #2: Reviews

Reviews are super important, especially for cosmetic medical procedures like laser hair removal. Where you choose to get laser hair removal should be a place with at least a few good reviews. 

Reviews are a guide to show you where to get laser hair removal based on other people’s opinions and experiences. If a company has no reviews, that means it’s new or hasn’t done a good enough job to warrant one. Neither of these options is great for you, but the former is definitely better. 

Most companies have websites where you can do things like book a consultation to get laser hair removal and see reviews. Take the time to surf the website and form an opinion for yourself. 

Step #3: Phone Q&A

If your shortlisted laser hair removal spa has passed the scrutiny of steps one and two, then it’s time for a closer investigation. There are some questions you can ask over the phone 

These questions can help you come to the decision of where to get laser hair removal treatments in Toronto. Examples of such questions include:

  • What kind of laser is going to be used?
  • Is the laser FDA and Health Canada approved?
  • How long they’ve been in business, and how many patients they’ve treated?
  • What are the qualifications of the medical aesthetician doing the treatment?
  • Are patch tests and consultations free? If not, how much do they cost?

When choosing where to get laser hair removal, the treatment cost is a major deciding factor. You may be wondering why pricing is not a point you should ask about during a phone call. The main reason for this is that the laser hair removal experts understand that they can’t be certain of the treatment costs until they see the hair you want to remove. 

Therefore, they can only come up with an accurate quote after you’ve come in for a consultation and examination session. So, call up your shortlisted laser removal clinic, ask your questions, and if they meet your standards, book a consultation.

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Step #4: The Consultation

Before signing up for any treatments, you need to head to the clinics you’ve shortlisted for a consultation session. These consultations are where you can get the best and most satisfactory answers to your questions. 

Typically, the aesthetician you’ll be speaking with will most likely be the one in charge of your procedure. This medical aesthetician may also examine you and provide a price quote for the treatment.  

Here are some questions you should ask at the consultation session. 

  • What are your qualifications?
  • What laser hair removal device will you be using? 
  • Is the device FDA approved?
  • What’s the brand of the laser? 
  • How long have you used this device?
  • How many patients have you treated with it?
  • What are the benefits of using this device over others on the market?
  • Are my skin and hair colour suitable for laser hair removal treatment?
  • How painful is the procedure?
  • Do you offer the option of anesthesia for the pain?
  • How many treatments will it take before I start to see results?
  • How many treatments will it take for hair to stop growing?
  • What results can I expect? 
  • Are there any side effects or risks?
  • If I don’t get the results your clinic advertises, what policies do you have in place for dissatisfied customers?

Feel free to add more questions if you can think of any other concerns. Getting enough information will help you stay calm during the procedure, especially if you’re never done laser hair removal before.

Step #5: Deciding

Now you need to use all the information you have to decide on a laser hair removal spa for you. Take your interactions with the staff during your consultation into account as well. Did they try to pressure you into buying or upselling? How satisfactory were their responses to your questions?

Also, factor your research in as well. Is the device they’re using up to par? Is the person handling the procedure qualified? Once you can answer these questions, it should be clear to you which clinic to pick. 

By now, you should know how to choose the best laser hair removal clinic for your treatments. To help you out even further, we’ve created a few more tips to help you make that choice.


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Tips to Help You Pick the Right Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Toronto 

These are just recommendations based on years of experience handling laser hair treatments for residents in the GTA:

  • Ask to see laser hair removal before and after pictures from the clinic. Some laser hair removal providers may not have any. Steer clear of these ones. 
  • Some clinics may redirect you to their website for pictures and reviews. Most likely, you will find some laser hair removal treatment photos on a clinic’s official website. 
  • Always confirm prices before agreeing to any treatments. Know the average price of this procedure for your area. For example, the price of laser hair removal in Toronto per session is between $100-$500 USD per session. 
  • Remember that each laser hair removal session will be a few weeks away from the next one. Sometimes, this interval may be up to 8 weeks. Take this into consideration when making your choice.
  • The right laser hair removal clinic won’t advertise permanent hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal is not a permanent hair removal procedure. It slowly destroys the hair follicle and permanently reduces hair growth. With repeated sessions, your hair’s growth can be drastically reduced to near nothing, but you will likely need touch-up sessions once or twice a year. Clinics that advertise permanent hair removal aren’t usually reliable. 
  • Compare prices from different clinics to get the best deal. But always look at the price in relation to the services offered. 


There are many factors to put into consideration before picking a laser hair removal clinic. Over the course of this blog, we have explored some of these variables. We have discussed how to find a pool of hair removal providers near you. Also, we have highlighted the questions to ask them. With the answers to these questions, you can come to a more informed decision about where to get laser hair treatments in Toronto. 

Here at Canada MedLaser, we tick all of the necessary boxes. Our past patients have nothing but good things to say about our laser hair removal testaments. Let us help you achieve that smooth, hairless skin you want. Book a free consultation session with us today!

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