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How Oxygen Facial Detoxifies and Makes Your Skin Look Youthful

oxygen facial detoxifies

Oxygen is important if you want to stay alive. Everybody knows this. However, a good percentage of people have questions about how an oxygen facial detoxifies and makes the skin look youthful. After all, is it not the same oxygen we breathe in?

The answer to this question lies in an in-depth exploration of the benefits of an oxygen facial. But first, we’ll start with a quick history lesson.

Human beings are the ultimate innovators. As far back as the 1930s, we started pioneering ways to increase the amount of oxygen in the body. In fact, this innovation is where the concept of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber started from.

During this timeline, scientists deduced that since oxygen is good for us, more of it would work even more wonders. It’s a deduction that turned out to be years ahead of its time. The results of an oxygen facial come about thanks to the same oxygen you breathe daily. The only difference is this treatment uses an increased concentration of oxygen in combination with other helpful compounds for the skin.

The air we breathe in is only 21% oxygen. The remaining composition includes Nitrogen (78%), Argon as well as other gases that appear in trace compositions. Now imagine the benefits you stand to enjoy with exposure to a 100% pure oxygen concentration. This is how an oxygen facial detoxifies and makes your skin look youthful.

An oxygen facial treatment session will involve using a machine specially designed to apply pressurized (pure) oxygen to the skin. In most cases, the epidermal layer of your skin receives the direct effect of pure oxygen.

Simultaneously, an oxygen facial applicator also delivers a combination of vitamins, essential minerals and nutrients that replenish your skin. All of this contributes to the detoxifying and rejuvenating effects of an oxygen facial.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, A-list celebrities like Madonna endorse and regularly use oxygen facial treatments. In this blog, we will show you why and how an oxygen facial can win the hearts of your favourite celebrities. Let’s get started!

Oxygen Facial Detoxifies

Why You Need the Detoxifying Effects of an Oxygen Facial

We all like to believe we live in a green society where the environment has zero pollution. However, in a bustling Metropolitan country like Canada, that is hardly the case. As long as you go out every day (which most people do), your skin sees exposure to UV rays, blue light radiation and pollutants.

If you didn’t guess it already, these elements have severe consequences on your healthy skin. This is why your skin deteriorates as you grow older. It’s not just because of age. It’s also due to the accumulated effects of these elements on your skin.

Typically, your body’s lymphatic system works to reduce the effects of these substances. However, the sheer level of exposure often proves too much for the lymphatic system to handle. Not to mention the fact that the functionality of your lymphatic system decreases as you grow older.

The end result is a build-up of waste and harmful materials on your skin. Usually, this manifests in the form of acne, skin irritation, fine lines and inflammation. Skin conditions like these are why you need a treatment that detoxifies and makes your skin look youthful. Enter oxygen facials!

Theory Supporting Oxygen Facials: What The Science Says

It’s impossible to discuss how an oxygen facial detoxifies your skin without mentioning hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It’s the very principle that birthed the use of oxygen facial treatments.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is useful in treating wounds that refuse to heal. It’s also valuable for managing cases of poisoning caused by carbon monoxide. Hyperbaric therapy increases the concentration of oxygen present in the body. With this influx of oxygen comes a boost in the body’s natural healing process.

Typically, this treatment takes place in a specially designed pressurized chamber. In this chamber, the air pressure can be up to three times more than atmospheric oxygen. For the layman, it merely means you can expect to take in up to three times the amount of oxygen you usually inhale.

When we weave through all of the science mumbo jumbo, the way hyperbaric oxygen therapy works is simple. Through the body’s circulation system, the influx of oxygen is spread across the body triggering the increased release of stem cells, healthier cells and other growth factors. All of this contributes to faster healing for your body.

It is this principle that spurred the innovation of oxygen facials for skin detoxification and rejuvenation. In the next section, we’ll show you exactly how the beauty industry has built on the effectiveness of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Oxygen Facial Detoxifies

What is the Procedure for an Oxygen Facial?

An oxygen facial detoxifies your skin thanks to a careful patented process. It all starts with a comprehensive exfoliation and cleansing of your face. After this comes the actual application of pure oxygen mixed with specific compounds.

Different medical spas across Canada have varying methods of performing the oxygen facial. However, what’s common to all of them is the use of a wand applicator. Here’s a step by step of what to expect during an oxygen facial treatment:

  • Light Treatment: This is where the wand-esque applicator is used to deliver oxygen to the epidermal layer of your skin. A medical aesthetician will take the time to rub the applicator all over the treatment area.
  • Serum Treatment: The application of a custom serum is a crucial step in the oxygen facial procedure. Typically, a medical aesthetician will prepare the serum beforehand based on your skin’s unique condition. However, the average serum mix will contain vitamins, antioxidants and helpful minerals. These have the effect of tightening the skin, removing fine lines and helping it look radiant.
  • Massage: The final step in the oxygen facial procedure involves massaging lotions into your skin. This is part of how an oxygen facial detoxifies and rejuvenates your skin. These lotions seal the outer layer of the skin, making sure that the results of an oxygen facial last longer.

How long does an oxygen facial take?

Firstly, the answer to this question depends on the size of the treatment area. It is also a function of the application method of the medical spa. For instance, here at Canada MedLaser, our oxygen facial treatments take between 30-60 minutes.

How long does recovery for oxygen facial take?

The best part about oxygen facials is the minimal downtime. Except your skin is super sensitive, you do not have to worry about downtime with this treatment. You can go back to your daily routine and even use makeup immediately after an oxygen facial session.

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Do Oxygen Facials Work?

Yes, they do! Part of how an oxygen facial detoxifies and makes your skin look younger is through a plumping effect. However, critics of this treatment method suggest that this plumping is a by-product of inflammation from the high-pressure oxygen blast.

There may be a slight inflammation of your skin during an oxygen facial. But, this inflammation is usually to your benefit. Controlled inflammation stimulates the increased production of collagen (a protein that helps your skin heal itself). In the next section, we take a look at the detoxification effect of oxygen facials.

Oxygen Facial Detoxifies

How An Oxygen Facial Detoxifies and Makes Your Skin Look Younger

Detoxification is the removal of harmful toxins. Here’s how an oxygen facial does this to provide you with healthy, nourished skin:

Oxygen infusion

By blasting high-pressure oxygen at your skin, an oxygen facial removes impurities on the topmost layer of your skin. These impurities may be in the form of dirt, dust, atmospheric contaminants and dead skin cells.

An oxygen facial detoxifies your skin by removing these unwanted elements while also opening up clogged skin pores. In doing so, it gives your skin a new glow and added blush that adds to the radiance of the treatment area. With the removal of these toxins from the uppermost layer of your skin also comes increased circulation as well as tissue oxygenation — a plus for your skin.

Skin regeneration

Detoxification is not just about the removal of harmful toxins. It also involves replacing these toxins with helpful elements that will boost the overall health of the treatment area. In this case, an oxygen facial detoxifies your skin by encouraging the growth of healthy skin cells.

Your skin cells do not exist forever. Instead, they undergo a cycle of death and regeneration that makes for healthy skin. An oxygen facial keeps your skin looking younger by boosting the cell regeneration process. Essentially, the infusion of pure oxygen increases the rate at which new skin cells grow.

With increased cell turnover comes a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines in the treatment area. It also helps in the healing of scars from severe acne.


What’s your first thought when irritants get into your eyes? It’s to flush it with water. Well, your skin sort of works in the same way. Over time, the harmful effects of pollutants and sun rays will give your skin a dull look.

An oxygen facial detoxifies your skin by moisturizing it. Usually, this is possible thanks to hyaluronic acid and other compounds in the serum application stage. These compounds not only hydrate your skin. They also help with the restoration of your skin’s average PH level.

Pore shrinkage

Enlarged pores are caused by the presence of dirt and oils. However, an oxygen facial detoxifies your skin by removing the foreign substances present in your skin pores.

In doing so, your skin pores shrink in size, making it harder for them to accumulate dust and dirt. Consequently, this helps with relief from acne.

Pore shrinkage

Evens out skin tone

The serum applied to your skin during an oxygen facial usually comprises peptides, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. These are extracts with properties that treat uneven skin tone. The detoxification effects of these compounds extend to the overall tone of your skin. With consistent oxygen facials, the dark patches in the treatment area will start to even out.

Furthermore, increased oxygenation comes with a commensurate increase in the circulation of essential nutrients. Therefore, you don’t have to wait long to see the effects of an oxygen facial. The results of an oxygen facial are instant and come with a characteristic glow for your skin.

Minimal side effects

You may be wondering how this contributes to oxygen facial detoxifying your skin. You see, with many other facial treatments, patients end up dealing with unwanted side effects such as skin redness, swelling, irritating and stinging.

They end up using various skin products to stem the intensity of these side effects. When used without supervision, these skin care products may only serve to add toxins (unwanted chemicals) to your skin.

However, with oxygen facials, there’s no reason to worry about side effects and skin irritation. It’s an effective rejuvenation treatment that works for people with sensitive skin. In fact, by opening your skin pores, an oxygen facial increases the absorption rate of other helpful skin treatments.

New Radiance

One of the ways an oxygen facial helps your skin look younger is by increasing your skin radiance and sheen. Impurities on the outer layer of your skin can make your skin look like a shadow of its former self. Thankfully, the oxygenating features of an oxygen facial help your skin regain its everyday blush. You won’t have to use makeup before your skin shines with a natural blush.

Type of Oxygen Facial Treatment

There are different variants of oxygen facial treatments. Each one has different nutrients that are used in combination with the infusion of pure oxygen. Hence, the answer to how an oxygen facial detoxifies your skin can also be based on the treatment variant:

  • Rejuvenation treatment: This form of oxygen facial aims at moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin. It works on all skin types and will leave your skin feeling smooth and shinier. Typically, antioxidant boosters form a key part of the ingredients for a rejuvenating oxygen facial treatment.
  • Opulence treatment: This form of oxygen facial is best if you’re looking to brighten your skin. It also works to reduce discrepancies in your skin tone and pigmentation.
  • Atoxelene treatment: This type of oxygen facial treatment works to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. In doing so, it can take decades off your face making you look younger and refreshed.
  • Clarity treatment: It’s best for cleansing and removing all toxins from the skin. It is usually recommended for patients suffering from acne outbreaks.
  • Booster treatment: Antioxidants, collagen boosters and Vitamin C are all used in combination with pure oxygen to boost the skin from inside out.

Oxygen Facial Treatment

Can You Detoxify Your Skin with At-Home Oxygen Facials?

Now that you know how an oxygen facial detoxifies your skin, there may be the temptation to find more affordable alternatives to achieve the same results. It’s possible to find products like “oxygen-infused masks” and topical creams on various online stores. However, they do not offer the same results as an oxygen facial in a medical spa.

For starters, oxygen is a gas. As a result, it’s hard to be able to infuse pure oxygen in creams and masks. Some products try to bypass this issue by dissolving oxygen in perfluorocarbons and adding this to creams and facial masks.

However, when you use these products, most of the oxygen will escape in the form of bubbles. Hence, it’s almost impossible to mirror the detoxification and rejuvenating effects of professional oxygen facial treatments.

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Enjoy The Rejuvenating Benefits of Oxygen Facials

From the above, we have been able to explore how an oxygen facial detoxifies your skin and helps it look younger. Whether by boosting collagen production, opening closed skin pores or hydrating the treatment area, an oxygen facial treatment holds many benefits for your skin.

Here at Canada MedLaser, our professionals can design an oxygen facial treatment that suits your skin’s unique properties. It’s time to enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of an oxygen facial. Contact us today to get started!

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