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Laser Hair Removal Treatment Cost in Toronto

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Cost in Toronto?

Do you want to remove unwanted hair but worried about how much does laser hair removal treatment cost in Toronto? There are many ways to remove unwanted hair. Waxing, plucking, and shaving unwanted hairs are some of the more common methods to do this.

However, they take time, and the results are not always ideal. We want skin that is hairless and smooth but without the hassle of the methods mentioned above. If you’re up to spending a bit of money, then you can definitely try laser hair removal.

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Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Before getting a laser hair removal treatment, it would be advantageous for you if you can learn a few things about it so that you know what to expect and understand how this method of hair removal works.


What Laser Really Means

When you think of it, the “laser” in the treatment’s name may sound like it’s a complicated and dangerous process. But what you should know about laser hair removal is that it’s quite simple really. The way it works is that the laser’s energy gets picked up by the hair follicle pigment. This causes root destruction. So, when the root has been destroyed, that means that it can no longer grow hair.

 What Laser Really Means


Different Types of Lasers for Hair Removal

There are at least three laser types that are most popularly used for laser hair removal treatment. The first one is the Diode. It is a type that is very effective for both dark and light skin.

The second one is the Alexandrite. It is the fastest among all types of lasers. Alexandrite is best used for hair removal on large body areas for individuals who have complexions ranging from light to olive.

The third type is Nd: YAG. It is a long pulse hair removal laser and may be used on all skin types, even for tanned skin. However, it is not as effective for fine or light hair as compared to the two other laser types.

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Where is Laser Hair Removal Most Effective?

Laser hair removal treatment can be used on any part of the body that needs the removal of unwanted hair. But it is most effective for the underarm, chin, lip, and bikini areas. If you want to stop worrying about unwanted hair growing on these parts of the body, then laser hair removal treatment will be great for you.

Laser hair removal works best for dark, coarse, and thick hair

If your hair is dark, coarse, and thick, you may have been irritated before at how stubborn it is when it comes to removal and re-growth. But with laser hair removal treatment, you are among the best candidates for this method because the laser works best to dark colour and pigment found in your hair follicle.

However, with thick hair, it may take longer to go through all the areas during the process of laser hair removal treatment. Some of the hairs are just resistant. Also, new hair may come out because of changes in the hormone levels or activation of hair bulbs at the same time that the hair removal treatment is being conducted.


Restriction to Certain Meds

In the same way with waxing, laser hair removal treatment can be incompatible with particular medications. For example, if you have a medication that is photosensitive, then you need to stop taking it for at least a week before seeking treatment.

Do remember that most of the antibiotics we have these days may also be photosensitive. Therefore, if you are currently under medication because of an infection, the best way to go about it would be to have your treatment rescheduled until such time there are no more of the medications in your system. You can give it a few weeks and then you’ll be ready for your laser hair removal treatment.


Must-know for Laser Hair Removal

Each individual is different when it comes to how laser hair removal works. For some, it may only take a few treatment sessions for the results to be noticed. There are also others who need more treatment sessions. The laser hair removal becomes most effective when hairs are in their active growth rate.

Various areas of the body have different hair growth rates. This means that hair removal treatment may be shorter or longer, depending on the area that is being treated. However, the majority of the people who get laser hair removal treatment only need an average of 8 treatments for the hair to be fully removed.

Must-know for Laser Hair Removal

Each laser hair removal treatment session is vital

Among the biggest and most common mistakes being made when it comes to laser hair removal treatment is that some people do not complete the needed number of sessions. When hair growth begins to slow down, there are some patients who feel that they no longer need follow-up treatment sessions. But for the treatment to be most effective, you have to attend each session and follow the instructions of the medical practitioner.

Laser hair removal is not painful

The area where the treatment will be performed will be numbed so that you won’t feel any discomfort. The worst that you can feel would be like a rubber band hitting on your skin. Many patients who undergo the treatment describe the sensation as a warm and light pinch.

You may still get treatment even when on your period

Unless you’re getting a bikini wax, there’s no reason to cancel your laser hair removal treatment when you’re on your period. What’s vital is that you stay consistent when it comes to the sessions so that it will be effective. If you’re a woman on her period and the bikini area is what needs to be treated, you may simply use a tampon on the treatment day so that the session can push through and the treatment for hair removal is on schedule.

Do shave the area that will be treated

Before getting the laser hair removal treatment, you should first shave the part of your body that will get treated. This way, the laser will be able to penetrate right into the hair roots and not target the hairs outside of the skin. Remember not to bleach, tweeze, or wax the hair for a month before the treatment session. This is because the hair roots need to be intact so that the laser will be able to destroy the hair effectively.


What to Do After Treatment

Once the session for laser hair removal treatment is done, you should do your best to avoid sun exposure in those areas of your body. Make sure that you use sunscreen daily so that those parts will be protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Also, if there is hair growth during the time between the treatment sessions, you should only shave the hair off and not have them threaded or waxed.What to Do After Treatment

In general, laser hair removal treatment is safe and has very few risks. One risk of this treatment is burning. Some of the other potential side-effects of this treatment are scarring, redness, discoloration, and blistering. Also, your hair may grow back even if you completed all of the needed treatment sessions. When this happens, then you may require annual treatment sessions so that any new hair growth will be addressed.

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Possible Side Effect of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are a few side effects that you may experience as a result of getting this treatment for hair removal. Most of these side effects are only minor ones and will go away in a few days. However, if you notice that the side effects are still present even after some time, consult with your dermatologist to make sure that it is nothing serious.

Irritation and Redness

Laser hair removal treatment will damage the hair follicles. Your body will be reacting to this by becoming irritated and red on the areas where the treatment was performed. Your skin may feel tender or tingle. Sometimes, the area may appear slightly swollen.

Such side effects do not last long. The area with irritation and redness will look very similar to that of skin that’s been recently plucked or waxed. The dermatologist will also be using a topical anesthetic so as to reduce the reaction of the skin during treatment.

The irritation will go away after a few hours when the treatment is done. If you experience redness and swelling, you may try taking a cool bath or placing ice packs on the affected area to address the discomfort that you are feeling.


There are individuals who may experience crusting on their skin where treatment was conducted. Typically, this is a minor issue, although it can cause inconvenience. Skin crusting may, at times, lead to scarring and scabbing of the skin. You can take care of that part of your body by applying moisturizer regularly.

Change in Skin Colour

You may notice some changes in your skin colour after the hair removal treatment. It may either get lighter or darker. If you have lighter skin, the affected area may look darker. Those with darker skin will have lighter skin pigmentation. Don’t worry about this because it is not permanent and the skin will eventually go back to normal.


How much does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Toronto?

Each of the laser hair removal treatment sessions may cost you somewhere from $60CAD to $400CAD. The price that you need to pay for each session of hair removal may vary depending on the service provider. It may also differ depending on the area of the body with which you want laser treatment for hair removal.

Since there are many sessions needed for this treatment to work effectively and for the hair growth to stop, you can imagine that it is not cheap. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy smooth and hairless skin, this is a treatment to consider. Also, you never have to use razors or go to the salon for a wax treatment every now and then.

If you consider the time and money you can save from all of those trips to the salon, then you can better appreciate the long-term value of laser hair removal treatment. In addition to that, service providers often offer packages where you can get a better price if you purchase several treatment sessions at one time. Do make sure that you ask about any special promos so that you can get the best value for your money for laser hair removal treatments.

How much does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Toronto?

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Laser hair removal treatment may seem intimidating because of its name, but it is generally a safe procedure for the removal of unwanted hair. As for how much does laser hair removal cost in Toronto, the price range may vary depending on many factors including which part of your body you’ll need treatment for and how many sessions will be required.

It may not be a cheap treatment, but the convenience you will enjoy in the long run will surely give you the most value for your money. 

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