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Hair Transplant Toronto – With Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Hair Transplant Toronto

Hair Transplant Toronto: With thinning hair a common concern for both men and women, the medical aesthetic community has worked to produce treatments that give patients natural, reliable results. One way this has been accomplished is with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP. At Canada MedLaser, we provide PRP for hair loss patients looking to grow and activate their own hair or to use PRP in conjunction with a hair transplant. In this article we’ll discuss what PRP means to hair loss treatment.

Hair Transplant Toronto – What is PRP?

PRP, which has been used for decades in both sports medicine and dental surgery, is a type of plasma therapy that aids in healing and repair of soft tissue. However, the most notable aspect of PRP is that it is made from a patient’s own blood. Blood, which contains plasma, can promote healing and PRP isolates this ability to speed recovery. PRP can use for hair transplant.

When you receive PRP therapy, the process starts by removing a small amount of your blood and then placing it in a special centrifuge which spins rapidly, effectively separating platelet rich plasma from other matter. The resulting material is then expertly injected back into the scalp which promotes healing, growth, collagen production and several other benefits conducive to hair transplant. Toronto clients of Canada MedLaser also experience overall faster results with the help of PRP.

Hair Transplant Toronto – When Should You Get PRP?

Because of the safe and beneficial nature of PRP, it can enhance hair transplants at all stages including before, during and after. With a transplant, there are methods to prevent pain but, overall, there will still be extensive damage and irritation to the scalp, making it necessary to take measures to prevent further complications while healing. PRP’s ability to fight disease, increase oxygen flow and heal injuries make it ideal for ensuring your scalp and follicles are ready and able to promote healing and hair growth from your transplant without adverse effects.

Hair Transplant Toronto – Combining Treatments

One common question for those seeking to remedy their hair loss is whether certain treatments can be combined. Fortunately, with PRP, one of its many benefits is that it can be combined with other FDA approved methods and with hair transplants. It is also not intended to replace Minoxidil or dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blockers which can also be used with PRP.

Hair Transplant Toronto – Side Effects of PRP

When used for hair transplant patients, potential side effects are minimal. Numbness or temporary loss of sensation is typically the only real issue, and this tends to subside within a few hours of the procedure.

Any real risk typically occurs when the hair transplant treatments are not done properly – either by being too frequent or in a less than sanitary environment. This typically happens when a non-professional performs the PRP and does not space the microneedling treatments far enough apart. When this happens, irritation and infection are more likely.

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Hair Transplant Toronto – What to Expect

A patient can expect to spend just around an hour getting PRP treatment, making it a simple and convenient option for those seeking treatment for hair transplant. Toronto clients of Canada MedLaser will first have their blood drawn then the plasma is isolated. During this analyzation process your sample it kept sterile to ensure minimal risk and optimal results.

We will also examine your scalp to determine where the hair loss is exactly and take medical grade photos to better help us target weak follicles. Then, before your first injections are administered, your scalp is treated with antiseptic to clean the area and anesthetic to numb your scalp for a painless experience. Finally, laser therapy and microneedling are used in conjunction with PRP Hair Transplant to round out the session.

Hair Transplant Toronto – Conclusion

PRP is a unique way to take your bloods own healing properties and use them to target weak hair follicles. PRP helps encourage hair growth in Toronto, stimulate healing after a transplant and can also be used in conjunction with other therapies for a better, more well-rounded treatment option for thinning hair. Overall, the chance of side effects is minimal when the treatments are administered properly.

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