Hair Growth


A natural way to reverse hair loss

Hair loss can be a difficult reality to accept. For some people, it is a sign of aging. For others, it is a side effect of medical conditions or treatments. Fortunately, we no longer have to accept the inevitability of hair loss. Whether you have lost hair as a result of age or illness, we have a safe, natural solution to stimulate regrowth.
You only have to look as far as your nearest television screen to see the latest “miracle” hair growth product. Instead of resorting something that is too good to be true, why not harness the power of your own body? Through platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

PRP Therapy Treatment for Hair Loss & Restoration


How does PRP work?

Blood is one of the most healing substances known to man. It wards off infections and nourishes the body. And now, thanks to cosmetic and medical advances, we can concentrate some of its properties to promote healing and growth in targeted areas of the body – including the scalp.
PRP is a hair growth method that involves isolating the nutrient-rich platelets in your blood, and injecting them directly into your scalp, where they can unleash their restorative powers. The procedure is safe and the results are natural.

What happens during PRP therapy?

Like all of Canada MedLaser’s treatments, PRP therapy starts with a comprehensive assessment. We will take medical-grade photos of the target area and a sample of your blood will be thoroughly analyzed. The platelets will be removed and treated while being monitored by a hematology system. The concentrated sample may be combined with extra cellular matrix to achieve longer lasting results. We then insert the platelets into the scalp through small injections that target the weak hair follicles.
A typical PRP procedure takes about one hour and produces minimal side effects. Some individuals experience small amounts of swelling and redness, but these clear up within two days. With treatments about once every two months, you will start to see improved hair growth in the target areas within six to twelve months.

For more information about PRP hair growth treatments in Vancouver, call us and ask for an assessment.


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