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Double Chin Removal with CoolMini

Double Chin Removal

Double chin removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that people get. With many insecure about this extra layer of fat and skin along the chin area, a variety of treatments have been developed over the years.  And now, there is a medical aesthetic treatment that is ONLY designed to eliminate your double chin!

Fortunately, thanks to the development of the controlled cooling technology that CoolSculpting uses, there is an advanced fat freezing tool now called the CoolMini™ that uses the same CoolSculpting technology, but only targets the fat cells in the chin area and eliminates the fat without any surgery! In this article, we’ll look into the benefits of CoolMini™ and discuss why other methods don’t work.

Why is Double Chin Removal So Difficult?

A double chin is caused by three main factors: weight gain, genetics and it can also be a matter of looser, less elastic skin. Age also plays a factor for the development of double chin. Though weight gain is connected to a double chin, this is not the only reason for this loose layer of skin and fat – genetics and other factors can play a part in the development of this second chin. This is why double chin removal is often exceptionally difficult.

Moreover, because genetics, age and skin quality are factors, exercise is often not an effective double chin removal method. In fact, significant weight loss can create even looser, more noticeable excess skin around the chin and neck.

Are There Natural Methods of Double Chin Removal?

While there are a big range of products and exercise regimens available to treat a double or sagging chin and neck, not all of them work effectively. All too often, expensive creams and other products simply don’t produce long term results are that are worth the price. Many of these products and options only treat double chin temporarily, and results don’t last- making it a waste of your hard earned money!

Because of the inconsistent results associated with many over the counter type products, there is no single option that are reliable. Even though neck exercises are one of the safest and cheapest options and can be done in the comfort of your own home- there are no studies proving their effectiveness and those who do see results, only see them after many months.

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How Does CoolMini™ Work?

CoolMini™ is a miniature sized version of the original CoolSculpting system. It has been specially designed to easily and effectively treat smaller areas like the face and neck which the full-size model was unable to do. This compact device uses the same fat freezing technology that the original does but packed into a much smaller package to make procedures like non-invasive double chin removal possible.

For those unfamiliar with the original CoolSculpting system, the process involves Cryolipolysis – a noninvasive skin and body contouring system. With Cryolipolysis, your fat cells are precision-targeted and cooled to a temperature of 39°F.  Once the cells are frozen, your body will slowly metabolize and eliminate them. More importantly, because your fat cells freeze at a warmer temperature than your muscle or skin cells, there is no risk of damaging healthy, non-fat cells. This allows for effective double chin removal and reduction without pain or adverse side effects. After a series of treatments, this fat reduction method via controlled freezing has been scientifically proven to actually have long term results!

Who is a Good Candidate for CoolMini™?

While CoolMini™ has a great range of uses for many people, there are some cases that would be difficult for this type of treatment to resolve. Primarily, CoolSculpting, both original and mini, are intended for people who are at or near their ideal weight. It is not intended to aid in weight reduction, only in stubborn, excess fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. Double chin removal with CoolMini™ may also be difficult for anyone who is of an advanced age and/or has excessive sagging skin which does not respond to the fat cell freezing technology of CoolSculpting. In this case, a more invasive method may be required.

Double Chin Removal Conclusion

When considering double chin removal, there are many options you may be presented with but many over the counter remedies require a significant time investment for minimal results. Surgery, while effective, is extremely invasive and should be reserved for people whose double chins do not respond to diet and exercise. CoolMini™ CoolSculpting offers a noninvasive alternative to surgery and an effective, fast option over home remedies.

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