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Coolsculpting Toronto – How it Works and Best Uses

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Coolsculpting Toronto – CoolSculpting the controlled cooling method of eliminating fat cells, is based on tested and proven science that allows for effective results with fewer side effects and recovery time than invasive medical aesthetic procedures.

At Canada MedLaser Clinics, we use the latest technology in CoolSculpting. Clients in Toronto and the GTA can rely on our clinic and the CoolSculpting technology for optimal and long-lasting results. CoolSculpting is based on a science called cryolipolysis, which involves freezing targeted fat cells in order to remove them from your body and chin areas. Through time, your body naturally processes these frozen fat cells and eliminates these dead cells- helping you look more sculpted!

This article will examine how the CoolSculpting technology works, its advantages and also help you determine if you are a CoolSculpting candidate.

CoolSculpting Toronto: How it Works

CoolSculpting literally sculpts your body by freezing away targeted fat cells beneath the surface. Unlike other methods of fat removal and reduction, CoolSculpting does not require invasive surgical methods, long recovery times or side effects.  Moreover, CoolSculpting is a more preferred solution as opposed to other non-invasive methods because the effects are permanent. Since the fat cells are eliminated, not just decreased in size or tightened, they will not have the opportunity to grow back.

With CoolSculpting, Toronto patients will receive a controlled cooling treatment where an applicator and gel pad is placed on the specific fat cell area- but does not damage your skin or muscles. This process is called cryolipolysis and it involves freezing fat cells which are then metabolized by the body and safely excreted over the course of the next several weeks. As your body naturally removes the frozen fat cells you will see even more significant changes, with final results visible within 3-6 months of your initial treatment of CoolSculpting.

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CoolSculpting Toronto: Best Uses

CoolSculpting has a great many uses and can be applied to most areas of the body for fat reduction results. With the CoolMini, a smaller version of the original CoolSculpting device, even more areas of the body and face can be treated with targeted precision.

However, though CoolSculpting does kill fat cells, it is not able to treat large areas of fat nor deep deposits of fat and is, therefore; not an acceptable option for overall weight loss and reduction. It is, instead, intended for patients who have small, stubborn deposits of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. Generally, patients who are within 30 lbs. of a healthy weight are candidates. An exception to this would be patients who are at a healthy weight but have excessive loose skin. Because loose skin does not have much in the way of fat cells beneath it, it is not possible to give CoolSculpting Toronto patients a significant difference with this method. Typically, with loose skin, surgical removal is the only possible option to achieve significant change.

Additionally, there are several medical conditions that would be compromised by CoolSculpting technology, so it’s important to discuss all concerns and conditions you have with both your doctor and the Canada MedLaser team.

CoolSculpting, Toronto: Possible Side Effects

Because of CoolSculpting’s innovative use of cold temperatures, both side effects and aftercare are minimal. The majority of the side effects are mild and temporary, including: stinging, redness, bruising, aching and a pulling sensation at the treatment site.  Each of these sensations are likely to last only a few hours to a maximum of a 14 days with no further intervention needed to make them stop.

In rare instances, freezing may result in paradoxical adipose hyperplasia which causes the opposite effect of CoolSculpting. Toronto patients who experience this will actually see fat cells grow larger instead of smaller. Men are most likely to experience this but it is far from common and the condition is considered cosmetic, not medically dangerous. This rare condition will, however; require additional procedures and measures to correct.

CoolSculpting Toronto: Conclusion

Overall, CoolSculpting, a way to target fat cells with cold temperatures, offers many patients the opportunity to eliminate stubborn fat deposits that cannot be treated with diet and exercise. While it does have limitations and cannot be used for total weight reduction or for eliminating loose skin, it is generally safe and effective for the vast majority of patients who qualify.

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