CoolSculpting – Am I a candidate?

Ready? Let’s go! If you had to choose one area of your body, on which area would you like to see fat loss?

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How long have you been considering getting treatment on that stubborn fat?

Based on your knowledge, is the fat you’re hoping to target there because of genetics?

Ever try pinching your fat? Well there’s a first time for everything.When you pinch the area of concern, what would be the closest way to describe what you feel?

My ideal result after having a fat-reduction treatment would look like this:

How soon do you want to see that fat fade away?

Do you have any of the following medical conditions: Cancer, diabetes, skin diseases/skin lesions, blood clotting abnormalities, G6PD deficiency, psoriasis/vitiligo/lupus, HIV/AIDS, history of hernia in the area of potential treatment OR are you pregnant or breastfeeding?

Please fill all the following fields so we will contact you once we receive the assessment test.