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How to Burn or Freeze Away Unwanted Fat

Freeze Away Unwanted Fat

Sometimes it Takes More Than Diet and Exercise

Okay, now is the time to get serious. You are about to embark on that annual tradition of seeing your friends and family, and you want to look your best. Unfortunately, you may have gained a few inches since the last time you were together. Not to worry, here are some ways to get you back to your optimal shape in no time.


I get it, nobody likes to diet, but it is the best way to eliminate excess inches which come from excess fat deposits. This way is simple and can help you lose weight in the short term while not creating a health issue.

The key is to reduce the amount of starch and carbs you eat. That’s right, no sugar, pasta, bread (even whole grain), or potatoes. Because in the end, your body will turn these foods to sugar which will then turn to fat. Instead eat healthy portions of fruit and vegetables (especially leafy greens), high proteins like boiled eggs, fish, and chicken.

You’ll end up feeling better after a few days with more energy and can lose a few pounds every week.

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Now here are three physical exercises that will elevate your heart rate and burn that stubborn fat away. They are easy, and you don’t have to go to the gym to do them, but you will have to have some equipment.


Sometimes referred to as up and downs, this can be done anywhere with no equipment. Just start from a standing position, drop down in a crouch with your hands on the floor, kick both legs out together in a pushup position, do a pushup, retract legs back into a crouch and lunge up with a short hop coming up. Do all steps in a fluid motion.

The burpee is the best exercise to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Do burpees in sets of 20 and try to increase every day.

Kettle Bell Lunge

This exercise does require a kettlebell at a weight comfortable for you. It’s easy, just slightly bend your knees, grasping the kettlebell with both hands swinging between your knees. Then just swing them back as far as you can go and lunge it forward to about chest high. Do in a fluid motion and repeat in sets of 20, increasing daily.

Plank Elevations

Here you start in a plank positions, resting on your forearms, and then lift your body up one arm at a time until you elevate to resting on your hands, back down and repeat. Repeat in sets of 10, increase daily.


This procedure is a new esthetic technology which freezes the fat away. With CoolSculpting, offered at Canada MedLaser, you can come in and receive treatment in less than an hour. The treatment is painless and very comfortable, requires no anesthesia or downtime.

Results are realized after six weeks, and you continue to notice fat pads disappearing for several weeks following.

The technology permanently destroys fat cells, which means they don’t return. You can eliminate stubborn fat pads immune to diet and exercise from the upper arm, belly, thighs and is great to take care of that double chin.

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