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The Brazilian or the Bikini: Go Hair-Free for the Summer

The Brazilian or the Bikini- Go Hair-Free for the Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and that means bikini season! If you are sitting on the dock in Muskoka or lounging at the beach or your backyard with friends, knowing that you don’t have to worry about unwanted hair can be a huge relief.


One of the most common laser hair removal procedures for men and women is ridding any undesirable pubic hair. Many of us have very thick and fast growing hair that can be a severe pain in the summer when being in a bathing suit or shorts is a common occurrence. Laser hair removal will slow the growth of hair and will completely vanish it after all treatments are finished. Not only does it permanently remove the growth of hair, you no longer need to worry about painful ingrown hairs and razor bumps that come along with shaving.


Spring is the perfect time to start your treatment for laser hair removal. By the time summer rolls around, you will have had multiple treatments done, and hair growth will slow down tremendously, so you don’t have to worry about daily or even weekly shaving sessions. Staying out of the sun for at least two weeks after treatment is recommended after laser hair removal sessions – another reason to get it done before the summer!


The Gentle Max Pro is the laser used for laser hair removal treatment. With the Gentle Max Pro, it has settings used to accommodate your exact skin colour and hair thickness and can rid you of any hair without damaging your skin. With this laser, patients will only need 6-10 treatments to see desired results. There is no numbing required and is practically pain-free!

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The Bikini Laser


The bikini area is a very popular treatment for people who want to look smooth and hair-free in a bathing suit but don’t want to get rid of all hair. The bikini laser removes all hair that you would see on your bikini line, which is unwanted hair that pops out of the sides of your bikini or on the sides of the thigh, stomach, etc. Although many women and men shave and wax this area, that can be timely and create ingrown hairs and embarrassing red bumps or cuts.


Choosing laser hair removal for your bikini line is the most excellent option because it immediately slows the growth, the thickness of hair, eliminates it entirely and you will never have to worry about shaving again.


The Brazilian Laser


The Brazilian wipes out any hair in the pubic area. No need to worry about painful waxes and uncomfortable shaving or bumps ever again. This laser treatment will completely rid any hair, so you are always entirely smooth and hair-free all summer. If you are someone who hates having to deal with pubic hair, even passed the bikini line, this treatment is for you!


The Bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are very easy, quick and a virtually painless way to see the results to you want without the daily or weekly shaving or waxing session. Get the smooth and flawless skin you’ve always wanted this summer! What are you waiting for?! Start today!

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