Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments

The beauty regimen offers the enhancement for the complexion in a much *shorter timeframe. These treatments offer noticeable glow right away with minimal to no downtime. We provide the beauty treatments with the advanced technology only by a certified medical aesthetician. Our treatments are the resolution for the beauty needs, making sure that clients get *long-lasting results through tenacious and consistent remedies. The main goal of our services is to make our customers feel spoiled, pampered, and enjoy a new look right after leaving the clinic.We take pride in our beauty treatments that combine laser hair removal, CoolSculpting, and other skin treatments, offering the best of everything. Visit us and enjoy our beauty treatments today!


The health and beauty industry welcomes the fastest growing trend which is cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup.Our cosmetic tattooing treatments are ideal for those with faint eyebrows, partial eyebrows, or no eyebrows while our lip tattoos reduce what we call “Lipstick Bleed” giving the lip line a definition. Coloured lip tattoos takes care of the lip scars, making them disappear and allowing to skip putting on lipstick every single day. One can do the same with eye pencils when having an eyeliner tattoo done. Cosmetic tattooing offers other more serious applications including nipple improvement post breast reconstruction. One of the most important things to consider when going for cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup is to check tattooist’s credentials. Speak with their former clients, check out their before and after photos and look into their professional results in order to prevent infections. Licensed aestheticians or cosmetic surgeons are the most recommended professionals in this field. Make sure they also use clean and sterile gloves and equipment.

How is Permanent Makeup Done?

Having a permanent makeup done is more like getting a tattoo where the licensed professional applies the permanent makeup with the use of a needle, penetrating the skin and releasing the coloured pigment. The key to a successful procedure includes proper techniques, sterilization, and licensing. Eyeliner tattoos through micro-pigmentation machines have *long-lasting results, ideally having the effects for years. This allows clients to forego the usual regimen of putting on eyeliner each and every day. The eyeliner tattoo is applied on top of the lashes or it could be on both the top and bottom lashes. The client decides what thickness, colour, and style they want for the eyeliner or if they want to have a winged effect. Eyeliner tattoos are typically black while there are also other shading options that are more dramatic such as grey and dark brown – especially for those with fair complexion. Micro-pigmentation eyeliner tattooing is an ideal procedure especially for individuals who are grappling with impaired vision or trembling hands, making it difficult to create the perfect eyeliner.

Perks of Eyeliner Tattooing

Permanent eyeliner, as well as eyelash enhancement, facilitates an enhanced eye appearance for *men and women. There is no longer the need for outlined eyelids using pencils or liquid liners, providing an improved appearance especially for light-coloured, thin, and missing lashes. One can still go swimming, exercise, or take a shower with permanent eyeliner on, making makeup smudge a thing of the past. People with oily skin get a convenient and safe procedure especially those with unsteady hands and vision problems. Ophthalmologists and optometrists recommend permanent eyeliner to their patients who wear contact lenses as well as those who have watery eyes. Eye doctors also suggest this procedure for patients who have allergic reaction to regular makeup.

Eyeliner Design and Shape

The main feature of eyeliner is to basically “frame” the eyes, *making it the highlight of face while making the eyelashes look fuller, thicker, and darker. It *enhances the balance, symmetry, and shape of eyes, producing a larger eye illusion. Eyeliner can also affect the spacing of eyes and enhances or intensifies the eye color, adding more allure to eyes.

Benefits of this Treatment Include

*Carefully designed and framed for each client’s complexion *Minimal treatments required for optimal results *Permanent results *Aesthetically pleasing results


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