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Beauty Treatments

The beauty regimen offers the enhancement for the complexion in a much *shorter timeframe. These treatments offer noticeable glow right away with minimal to no downtime. We provide the beauty treatments with the advanced technology only by a certified medical aesthetician.

Our treatments are the resolution for the beauty needs, making sure that one get *long-lasting results through tenacious and consistent remedies. The main goal of our services is to make our customers feel spoiled, pampered, and enjoy a new look right after leaving the clinic.

We take pride in our beauty treatments that combine laser hair removal, CoolSculpting, and other skin treatments, offering the best of everything. Visit us and enjoy our beauty treatments today!



The health and beauty industry welcomes the fastest growing trend which is cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup.

Our cosmetic tattooing treatments are ideal for those with faint eyebrows, partial eyebrows, or no eyebrows while our lip tattoos reduce what we call “Lipstick Bleed” giving the lip line a definition. Colored lip tattoo takes care of the lip scars, making them disappear and allowing to skip putting on lipstick every single day. One can do the same with eye pencils when one have an eyeliner tattoo done.

Cosmetic tattooing offers other more serious applications including nipple improvement post breast reconstruction.

One of the most important things to consider when going for cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup is to check tattooist’s credentials. Speak with their former clients, check out their before and after photos and look into their professional results in order to prevent infections. Licensed aestheticians or cosmetic surgeons are the most recommended professionals in this field. Make sure they also use clean and sterile gloves and equipment.


How is Permanent Makeup Done?

Having a permanent makeup done is more like getting a tattoo where the licensed professional applies the permanent makeup with the use of a needle, penetrating the skin and releasing the colored pigment. The key to a successful procedure includes proper techniques, sterilization, and licensing.

Eyeliner tattoos through micropigmentation machines have *long-lasting results, ideally having the effects for years, making forego usual regimen of putting on eyeliner each and every day. The eyeliner tattoo is applied on top of the lashes or it could be on both the top and bottom lashes.

The client decides what thickness, colour, and style they want for the eyeliner or if they want to have a winged effect. Eyeliner tattoos are typically black while there are also other shading options that are more dramatic such as grey and dark brown especially for those with fair complexion.

Micropigmentation eyeliner tattooing is an ideal procedure especially for individuals who are grappling with impaired vision or trembling hands, making it difficult to create the perfect eyeliner.


Perks of Eyeliner Tattooing

Permanent eyeliner, as well as eyelash enhancement, facilitates an enhanced eye appearance for *men and women. There is no longer the need for outlined eyelids using pencils or liquid liners, providing an improved appearance especially for light-colored, thin, and missing lashes.

One can still go swimming, exercising, or taking a shower with permanent eyeliner on, making makeup smudge a thing of the past. People with oily skin get a convenient and safe procedure especially those with unsteady hands and vision problems. Ophthalmologists and optometrists recommend permanent eyeliner to their patients who wear contact lenses as well as those who have watery eyes. Eye doctors also suggest this procedure for patients who have allergic reaction to regular makeup.


Eyeliner Design and Shape

The main feature of eyeliner is to basically “frame” the eyes, *making it the highlight of face while making the eyelashes look fuller, thicker, and darker. It *enhances the balance, symmetry, and shape of eyes, producing a larger eye illusion. Eyeliner can also affect the spacing of eyes and enhances or intensifies the eye color, adding more allure to eyes.


The Instant Facelift

Healthier looking skin is highly achievable through the use of microcurrent as external source of energy. It strengthens and tightens the musculature, smoothing and lifting wrinkles and lines while firming the skin. The procedure also improves blood circulation as well as the lymph as it stimulates the natural energy source of the body or ATP. Microcurrent is no other than “personal facial muscle trainer.”

Patients *experience a relaxing and pain-free sensation when the microcurrent is buffered, creating cellular-level positive energy for a great feeling. All 32 facial muscles are likewise physically manipulated since every facial muscle requires exercise. Just as any other muscles in the body, facial muscles are kinetic and responsive to stimulus, the same mechanic as when do exercise and weight lifting. Facial muscles are also responsive to lifestyle, gravity, and age.

The facial exercise is microcurrent facials where a low dose of electrical current is applied to the origin points, inserting these currents to the small facial muscles, thus stimulating or exercising the area. The result is a more youthful and firmer facial contour. This treatment is non-invasive thus skipping any injections or needles. Most importantly, the natural beauty and glow of face will not be artificially altered.

Facial muscles should be “re-educated” through a series of *1-2 treatments per week or *8 to 12 close together. Follow up treatments will be made on a monthly basis after the initial therapies in order to maintain desired results. The continuous benefits of the muscles are possible with microcurrent facial sculpting boosters and cosmeceutical skincare did on a monthly basis.


In order to fully understand the importance of microcurrent facial, it is vital to understand the facial muscles as well as their functions. The cosmetic benefits of microcurrent stimulation are as follows:


  • *The treatment re-educates the muscles.
  • *It increases lymph and blood circulation.
  • *Microcurrent facial enhances the effects and penetration of the active ingredients found in skincare
  • *The therapy improves collagen and elastin production.
  • *The treatment increases the body’s mitochondrial activities as well as adenosine triphosphate.
  • *It boosts cell membrane transport, gluconeogenesis, and protein synthesis.


Revitalizing House Peel

The other advancement in the improvement of the facial complexion and skin is the technique called chemical peel. It *enhances facial, neck, and hand appearance with a chemical solution that exfoliates and gradually peels off the skin. The regenerated, fresh new skin is less wrinkled, smoother yet more sensitive to the sun although this is just temporary.

Chemical peels are divided into three basic types where a mild acid is utilized and applied on the skin’s outer layer, penetrating and gently exfoliating it. The procedure improves the skin appearance especially with rough skin and mild skin discoloration. It also *refreshes the skin on the face, hands, chest, and neck, making it a popular wrinkle and acne treatment.

The chemical peel treatment with mild acid has no downtime and balances the skin pH while clearing out pores. It exfoliates dead skin and minimizes the pores, making it great for those suffering from acne problems or with sensitive, oily, and dry skin. On top of being a skin rejuvenating procedure, the treatment is also ideal as a maintenance and preventative therapy.


The Classic Facial

Vibrant and clear skin is achieved with the classic facial that balances an exfoliating and nutrient-boosting effect. Classic European Facial hydrates nurture, and relaxes the skin, improving and maintaining its overall appearance especially with regular treatment sessions. Thorough cleansing, exfoliation, and massaging are part and parcel of a typical facial, boosting blood circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage. The treatment includes the application of masks, toners, and moisturizers with an appropriate formulation of skin type.

Classic European Facials include oxygen, anti-aging, deep cleansing, collagen, and other signature procedures that are customized for skin needs. One gets a personalized homecare program that the medical esthetician will design for the post-treatment. The beauty regimen includes exfoliation and cleansing products for the lips, face, eyes, mineral sun protection, and moisture support.

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