botox treatments mississauga

Botox Treatments Mississauga

At our Mississauga clinic, we take before and after pictures of Botox patients to show just how effective this treatment is.

Canada MedLaser Mississauga provides comprehensive Botox treatments for removing all forms of facial lines, wrinkles and frown lines on the forehead. An injectable treatment, Botox is non-surgical, safe and offers zero complications. And, we’re good at what we do. 

Check out our gallery for before and after pictures of patients like you in Mississauga. These pictures will show the results are natural, gradual and rejuvenating. After completing Botox treatments at our clinic, you’ll look younger, refreshed, and beautiful!

Best Clinic for Botox Treatments in Mississauga

To enjoy the best results after your Botox treatment, what happens before your injection session is important. At Canada MedLaser, we believe in an understanding first approach. That’s why Botox treatments at our clinic start with a consultation session with our medical aestheticians. We’ll help you feel comfortable by discussing your treatment and the results you want during the consultation session. 

We always conduct a physical examination before and after Botox treatments at our Mississauga clinic. We’ll cover your medical history during the initial consultation session, do a physical exam, and discuss the problem area. Our medical aesthetician may ask you to make different facial expressions to understand your facial structure and customize a treatment plan.

Botox Before and After

To ensure your Botox before and after pictures show impressive results, we’ll assess how strong the active muscles in the treatment area are. The glabella and forehead muscles are crucial to the results of your Botox treatment. Therefore, the results of this assessment step will help us determine where to place the injections. Canada MedLaser’s Botox treatment is comprehensive and designed to guarantee results you’ll love.

100% Safe Botox Treatment: Our Procedure

Before getting Botox treatment at our Mississauaga clinic, it’s crucial to know that it’s fast, and you can get on with your day after the injection. Many people have questions about whether Botox is safe or if they can get treatment during their lunch break. The answer to both questions is yes. 

We can take before and after pictures and administer the injections immediately after your initial consultation at our Mississauga clinic. And, it’s fast too. You’ll spend only about one hour per session. Filling paperwork, taking pictures and discussing with our Botox specialists are the activities that’ll take the bulk of your time. The injections themselves will only take about ten minutes.  

Before getting Botox injections at Canada Medlaser Mississauga, you’ll have to remove all make-up, but you can reapply it after the treatment. We may apply an ice pack for about five minutes to reduce the appearance of bruising and swelling. And, you can also re-apply regular skincare products before going about your day.

What to Do Before and After Botox Treatments

Canada MedLaser Mississauga is the foremost provider of Botox treatments in Mississauga. Our impressive catalogue of Botox before and after pictures is a combination of our expertise and involvement with our patients. Our medical aestheticians will provide some recommendations to help you get the best results during your consultation session. 

Avoid Working Out after Your Botox Injection

Working out before Botox sessions and not after is the ideal option. Botox injectables contain chemical agents in liquid form. Therefore, during vigorous activity, the liquid can move or spread away from the intended target. As a result, it’s best not to exercise for the rest of the day. If possible, we also recommend patients remain upright for up to three hours after getting treatment. This level of caution and attention to detail will help you get the results you want. 

Swellness and Bruising

Before your Botox session at our Mississauaga clinic, our medical aesthetician will discuss the possibility of skin redness and bruising after the injections. Some patients may also notice small, angry, red bumps around the injection site. These side effects are minimal and should resolve in 3 days. You can also reduce the possibility of bruising by avoiding blood-thinning drugs like Aspirin before your treatment session.

Touching Your Face

You should do all the face touching you want before your Botox treatment session and not after. Even if you feel discomfort in the treatment area, you should avoid touching or massaging the injection site. Touching and rubbing the site can move Botox compounds to unwanted areas. The ideal recommendation is to wait for four hours before touching the treatment site.

Avoid Aspirin

Before treatment, we like to discuss the possibility of patients at our Mississauga clinic feeling a headache after Botox injections. It’s rare but if you feel this side effect, you’ll have to let the headache go on its own. Anti-inflammatory medication like Aspirin can thin your blood and cause skin bruising to worsen.

Gradual Results

You shouldn’t expect results immediately after your Botox injections. Depending on personal characteristics, it can take up to fourteen days for full Botox results to become apparent. And these results will remain for 4-6 months, depending on how fast your body breaks Botox down.


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