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3D Facial Vancouver

Quick visible results with no surgery

In days gone by, the only way to get firmer, younger looking skin was to go under the knife. Like any surgical procedure, this came with risks, discomfort and extended recovery times. The good news is that we now offer alternative ways of achieving the same results. With a combination of microcurrent and infrared LED technology, you can start looking younger after your very first fifteen-minute treatment session. Instead of using a surgeon’s knife to tighten the outer layers of skin, we use use microcurrent waves to tone the facial muscles and firm up the skin from the inside. The infrared LED technology, which has been tested by NASA, gently raises the water temperature in the dermis, allowing collagen to regenerate and create a lift that makes our clients look and feel great..

What are the benefits of our 3D facial treatments?

With so many anti-aging creams and procedures on the market, it can be difficult to choose the one that is right for you. Here are just a few reasons for you to come to us for the best natural face lifts in Vancouver: There is no painful surgery and no lengthy recovery time You can administer the treatments at home Results are immediately visible: no waiting for scars and swelling to heal The technology is proven to be safe and effective for all skin types You will receive a customized recommended treatment plan after consultation with one of our professional aestheticians The treatments can prolong the life of injectable and laser procedures Our easy financing options can bring 3D facial treatment within the reach of many people

Non-invasive treatments in the comfort of your own home

Like all of our treatments, the 3D facial starts with a consultation with one of our aestheticians. Once we know what results you are hoping to attain, we will send you home with two devices, full instructions and a recommended course of treatment. The more consistently you apply the treatments, the better the results will be. There are no after-effects to this procedure, although some people experience a sligh redness to the skin that subsides within thirty minutes. Treatments are easy and completely safe to administer at home. The general procedure is as follows: Using the microcurrent device, massage each of the target areas of your face for five minutes. Use the infrared LED device to massage the target areas of the face for five minutes. You will notice the machine slowly heating up as you work. Apply the Hydragel product that we provide you with, to protect, nourish and hydrate your skin.


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