Canada MedLaser Clinics’ upmost and forward priority is to support and harness its resources in the effort of building a stronger and unified community. We believe that by providing equal opportunities to members of our community, we help in creating an egalitarian and fair society.

We aim to inspire women and men into becoming whole with themselves and we know that people who look good, feel good. We also know that a good deed has the nature to inspire others to do good as well.

As part of our agenda, Canada MedLaser Clinics has partnered with local causes to provide monthly pro bono treatments dedicated to members of our community who struggle with aesthetic conditions which prevent them from fulfilling themselves and who otherwise could not have enjoyed the benefits of our treatments. Members whose conditions effect their day to day routine and could benefit from advanced and innovative medical aesthetics procedures for conditions such as Acne scars, deep pigmentation, hypertrichosis and more.

On top of this, our newest initiative is to give back to our communities each month. We recognize that we are lucky to be in the positions we are and have decided that we need to be doing what we can to help as many people as we can. That is why, each month we will be donating money, food, essential items, etc. to charities within our community! Head over to our Instagram @canadamedlaser and watch our IGTV Video’s to see where we have already donated to!

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Because we believe that everyone should have the chance to feel good and to look good, we also extend a monthly Facebook Community Contest in which one complimentary service will be given to any member of our community. To enter to win a cosmetic treatment for yourself or a loved one, visit our Facebook page.

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Toronto Humane Society

Parkdale Community Food Bank


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