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Hollywood Chooses CoolSculpting

When so many of Hollywood greatest start choose to fight fat with CoolSculpting, we know that this is the best treatment we can bring to help you eliminate the stubborn fat   Coolsculpting E News from Canada MedLaser Clinics on Vimeo.

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Best Treatments for Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us! Last Saturday the world watched as the wedding of the decade took place. Behind the scenes of any wedding, lots of preparation goes in and looking perfect can be a process. If it’s your big day arriving soon, or you are a part of a wedding party, everyone always wants [...]

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5 Best Post-Pregnancy Beauty Treatments

  Pregnancy can be a beautiful and remarkable experience for women. Motherhood is a life-defining moment that will forever change you, but it can come along with some unwanted physical side effects. Some experience weight gain, while others will experience post-pregnancy skin conditions and worst case, some can experience both.   Post-pregnancy skin can be [...]

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Best Treatments For Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better gift to treat mom to then pampering herself!? Looking good means feeling good! Spring is the perfect time to treat your mom to beauty treatments before summer rolls around. A thoughtful and unique gift for mom if she usually does not treat herself to cosmetic [...]

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Secret Places You Never Knew You Could CoolSculpt

CoolSculpting is a fantastic fat reducing technology that is designed to help freeze away stubborn fat. Abdomen, legs, love handles and back flanks are some of the most common cases for CoolSculpting. Stubborn fat can appear almost anywhere on the body and can be extremely challenging to remove.   With the use of cryolipolysis, this [...]

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Skin Resurfacing – which is the best treatment for you?

Wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sun spots, acne scars and even pimples are all conditions that can be aided by the use of skin resurfacing treatments. Even if you follow an extensive daily and nightly skincare routine, your skin issues may never entirely clear the way you desire.   Skin resurfacing is also known as skin [...]

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The Brazilian or the Bikini: Go Hair-Free for the Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and that means bikini season! If you are sitting on the dock in Muskoka or lounging at the beach or your backyard with friends, knowing that you don’t have to worry about unwanted hair can be a huge relief.   One of the most common laser hair removal procedures [...]

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The Fastest Way to Clean Up Acne Scars

Acne can be an irritating and troublesome condition. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you treat your skin; acne can be caused by hormones that you cannot control. After acne diminishes, acne scars can appear and can be even more frustrating than the acne itself.   Just like anywhere else on the body, when we [...]

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How to Make Your CoolSculpting Results Last!

Now that Spring has sprung, that means Summer is right around the corner. For many, that means creating a healthier lifestyle to get out of the slump of the winter months. Some find that even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, stubborn pounds of fat can be close to impossible to shed before the [...]

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Face Sculpting Trends – a Perfect Jaw Without Surgery

Jawlines can be a significant part of how we feel about our appearance. Surgery can be done on your jawline, but it is an intrusive and painful procedure. The thought of surgery can be frustrating for someone who wants to improve their jawline, but do not wish to undergo extreme measures to achieve their dream [...]

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