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Botox vs. Fillers: What’s the Difference

The line between botox and fillers can be quite blurred and sometimes people use the terms interchangeably. While both are great anti-aging treatments, they work their magic in distinct ways. Botox can better be described as a muscle relaxer of sorts. It freezes the muscles on site and prevents them from creasing. On the other [...]

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How to Maximize Results from Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing isn’t just annoying, it’s a total waste of time and unnecessary. There are much better options available that are cheaper in the long run and prove to be more successful. Once you made the decision to forego the razor and hot wax, laser is a great choice. Get better and faster results [...]

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What causes age spots?

It’s one thing to get older, but it’s another to actually show that you’re getting older. Age spots are a telltale sign that you are in fact, aging. They are flat, brown, gray or black spots on the skin and usually occur on areas that have been exposed to the sun. Age spots are also [...]

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Using Laser to Stop the Aging Process: Skin Tightening

Laser is a great tool to stop the aging process. Using a combination of infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) technology, the medical skin care therapists at Canada MedLaser can tighten, firm and even melt fat away anywhere on the body. A typical problem area is the face, which can be tightened painlessly and with [...]

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What is a PCA chemical Peel?

A PCA chemical peel is a professional exfoliation of the outermost layers of the skin using acids derived from fruit. Chemical peels smooth out the upper layers of the skin with the use of a chemical acid. Skin becomes softer and smoother after just one treatment. Similar to a regular chemical peel, the skin is [...]

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What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a brand new treatment that has just arrived at Canada MedLaser, and is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure. Using controlled cooling, stubborn fat can be easily eliminated. When diet and exercise don’t work, CoolSculpting is a great choice. The revolutionary procedure gives results similar to that of liposuction without having to [...]

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The Benefits of Chemical Peels

Healthy, glowing skin is what every woman dreams of. She wants to look refreshed and rejuvenated. Using the latest scientific advances,  our dermatologist-approved solution can dramatically change skin’s health for the better and greatly improve the appearance. After just a few sessions, patients notice that wrinkles are reduced, and acne disappears due to increase of elasticity and [...]

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Why Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Other Methods

There are plenty of different hair removal options for you to consider around all parts of your body. Laser hair removal is one of the top choices for you to utilize. While you can opt for many other hair removal solutions, laser hair removal will is a better treatment option than others. There are plenty [...]

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What Botox Does For Your Appearance

Botox is one of the most useful solutions for when you’re looking to look younger. Botox is used to improve how your face looks as it weakens muscles that might cause wrinkles to develop. This is an effective solution for your appearance that doesn’t take far too much time to handle. What This Does This [...]

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